DeepPro systems specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of Underwater Video camera housings and support equipment.

Mike Meagher

Mike Meagher

DeepPro Systems was founded by Michael Meagher, a veteran underwater photographer and film maker with over 35 years experience in underwater imaging.

Mr. Meagher has combined his passion for underwater film making with his manufacturing engineering know how to come up with DeepPro product line of high quality video and cinema camera housings designed for the serious underwater film maker.

DeepPro System’s design and marketing office is located in Bellingham Washington, USA.  This is where we design, market and test our products in the dark and cold cold waters of the Pacific North West US and Canada.

DPS is a wholly owned division of Jaco Engineering, Inc, our parent company and our manufacturing plant is located in Anaheim California.  We machine the parts at our plant in Anaheim, and assemble and test the units in Washington where we also service our DeepPro line of products.  Jaco has also been a supplier of precision machined parts to the Aerospace industry for over 50 years. We’ve implemented our many years of precision machining know how and high quality standards into our underwater products.