How to Get the Most out of your DeepPro GoPro Underwater Housing:

What You’ll Need and Why: To get the most out of the DeepPro GPH3 underwater housing, you’ll need to furnish the following items;

  • GoPro® Hero 3 or 3+ or Hero 4 camera. We recommend the Black edition for the most camera control and best quality. But other color editions work.
  • GoPro LCD Back Pac® accessory monitor or Battery Back Pac.

Because of the unique design of the housing’s Optical Dome system, the camera’s front LCD menu is obscured as well at the front “record/tally” light. This was done on purpose to eliminate reflections off of the inside of the dome; specifically the front LCD screen and the front red blinking recording light.  By obscuring the front recording light no longer will you have red light on close up objects or bubbles. Doing so makes your video look much more professional.

Because of this design in order to make the most effective use from your GoPro camera and to be able to change camera settings while underwater, we highly recommend that you install the GoPro  LCD Back Pac.

The LCD back configuration will allow you to see camera settings, and using the lever controls you can cycle to and change any setting underwater.  You can also review video taken while you are still underwater.

Once you are satisfied that all is properly set you could always “turn off” the LCD back when not needed in order to conserve camera battery power.

In the old days I used to keep my GoPro recording during the entire dive. But now, with easier access to the controls I tend to start / stop record much more often.  Doing so significantly increases your camera’s battery life. On a typical dive I get about 60 minutes of run time with the LCD back turned on.

If you decide not to install the GoPro LCD back then we suggest that you add the GoPro accessory Battery Bac Pac in its place to add more battery run time. Our housing supports this option as well.

Notice: You will Experience Out of Focus Images When Filming In-Air:

Please note; because this system has been optimized for underwater imaging, images taken out of water will be slightly out of focus.  (too much for my liking.. perhaps it’s okay for you.)  This  is because our Dome Port Housing is subject to the physics of concentric dome port optics and a close-up diopter is necessary to enable the GoPro camera to focus on the Dome Ports’s “virtual  image”.

Our factory installed coated glass diopter was designed to give the best possible UNDERWATER images and that’s a trade off we had to make in order to deliver the best underwater image possible. This is an UNDERWATER housing after all.

If you want sharp images both underwater and in-air, we suggest you stick to the stock GoPro flat port housing. Or do what I do: mount a stock flat port GoPro housing onto the top of a DeepPro housing and get the best of both worlds. In air and below!