The video below is another example of the optics of our domed GoPro H4 housing. Used a Hero 4 Black, 120 fps, 1080p, wide setting, GoPro color and with a BigBlue 7500 light for fill.  Enjoy!

The video below was taking in Kona Hawaii and most all of the underwater shots filmed with our Dome Port Gopro Housing and a Hero4 Black. Resolution was set at 1080p at 120fps and the playback speed adjusted to be sped up or slowed in editing.  Color settings were Protune On, color Native, and then later I color graded using Resolve.  I also used a single BigBlue VL7500P video light to help “fill” some shadows and restore colors.  I use two cameras and housings on dives like this. One Deepprohousing  and also one stock flat port Gopro housing for the air shots. The first 30 seconds worth of above water shots of my family entering the water were filmed using the stock GoPro flat port housing because our domed housing’s optics are optimized for underwater and images taken with our domed housing in air are slightly out of focus at distances more than a couple of feet away.

The video below was taken by the BUE dive group exploring the shipwreck S.S. Belliver. Filmed using one of our domed GoPro water corrected housings and a Hero4. Thank you Magnus Melin for sharing.

Below is video taken recently in Bonaire N.A. in the Caribbean using a Deeppro Domed housing and a Hero4 Black. Video taken by Mike Meagher.  Also used a pair of BigBlue VL5800P lights. The video looks best in 1080 resolution.

Richard Runyon shares below his video taken of the Igara shipwreck, taken in the South China Seas using the GoPro hero 4 housed in our Domed GoPro housing. Video © Richard Runyon

The video below is taken with our Domed GoPro housing and a Hero4 in a pool. All natural light. This was an experiment using the higher frame rate capability of the Hero4 for slow motion. The color grading is not the best, thats a function of my post production lack of talent, not the camera or housing’s quality.

Below Customer Magnus shares this comments about our products:

Hi Mike,

Thought we should share some of the results so far with our GoPro housing from DeepPro systems which we purchased from you earlier this year.  So far we are very happy with our camera/housing system which fits our needs perfectly. We use a Hero 4 black, the 2×5800 big blue lights and a secondary the 32 000 lumen Super Nova light from NLS. The results that this little camera delivers together with a proper housing are just amazing we think. All are shot at 1080/30Check out the short trailer on this link.   Regards, Magnus


DeepPro Customer Richard took this amazing video of Manta Rays and other large critters using our Domed GoPro Housing in the Maldives. Take a look. Thanks for sharing Richard.


Below is video taken at Catalina Island California using a DeepPro domed GoPro housing and a Hero4 and a pair of BigBlue VL5800 video lights. Video by Mike Meagher

Below is video taken by Alan Studley in Monterey California using a DeepPro domed housing and a Hero4. It looked like a great day in Monterey.

Below is video taken with the DeepPro domed housing for the GoPro. Shot in Washington state at Keystone which is on Whidbey Island. I used a Hero4 Black, set at 1080p mostly at 120 fps and 60fps. Settings were Protune ON, White Balance set to Native, flat color, I used spot and average meter settings, and filled with a pair of Bigblue VL5800P video lights. Color graded in Davinci Resolve Lite.

Below is video taken with our Domed GoPro housing, and a pair of Bigblue  VL5800P 5800 lumen video lights. This video was taken with a Hero4 set in 4K mode and later was down converted to 1080 in post production. This was filmed north of Vancouver Canada in some cold and dirty waters.

Below DeepPro customer Mr. Ron Lucas authored a product review of the DeepPro GoPro domed housing. You can download and read his full independent review at    There is no cost for this online magazine.  Take a look at the January 2015 Issue #82 on page 45.


Below are a couple of frame grabs taken by a DeepPro Domed GoPro housing customer Mr. Alan Studley. Alan used a Hero4 in our domed GoPro housing and these frame grabs were from 4K video taken in California.

Beto-on-Wall-2w copyKelp-Canopy-2-w copy

Video below taken with a Hero4 in 4K mode in the DeepPro domed water corrected GoPro housing. Video was converted to 1080p in post.

The still image below as taken by Ron Lucas in Bermuda using our domed water corrected GoPro housing and a Hero3 configured in the Medium coverage setting.   Ron used some BigBlue and Sola video lights. Clicking on the image will open the original file that he sent me, its rather large.

Image taken using a DeepPro domed GoPro housing

Image taken using a DeepPro domed GoPro housing


Below is video taken September 2014 in the San Juan Islands in Washington State USA, of the Domed GoPro housing in use. Watch my buddy Jim put a prototype GPH3 domed housing unit to work in the dirty waters using a pair of Bigblue VTL2500 video lights as well.

Below is video taken at Catalina Island, California USA using our Domed GoPro Housing and Hero 3 Black Edition. This amazing domed housing makes wide angle video comparable to a more expensive system!

Below is a video that gives a tour of the GPH3 GoPro Domed Underwater Housing. Note: This is a prototype unit, production units have some slight differences.

Below is a video short that showcases some sample video taken with DeepPro Domed housing for the GoPro. Filmed in the green dirty waters of Washington State during very poor visibility.

Below is the second video in our comparison series comparing the optical benefits of the DeepPro GoPro Domed housing to a flat port housing.

What you want to watch for here is our Domed port results in 33% wider and taller angle of coverage as well as a sharper image at the frame edges.  Also notice how sharp focus is much closer than using a flat port.

Below is the first video in the comparison series which compares the Field of View of the DeepPro GPH3 Domed housing to a Flat Port housing. 

Visit our youtube channel to see more videos.