Deeppro GoPro Domed Hero Housing

Deeppro GoPro Housing with Leak Sentinel Installed

If you travel to that far away remote location and desire piece of mind, use the Leak Sentinel V4 as a way to verify the water tight integrity of your housing. Its cheap insurance compared to the cost of a lost vacation.

This small self contained battery operated unit screws into the DeepPro housing’s accessory port. Just prior to a dive you unscrew the black cap, attach a small hand operated vacuum pump, pump it a few times to draw a slight vacuum inside the housing, and then monitor the blinking LED lights for any leaks. You reinstall the cap, and also monitor the integrity during a dive. The LED blinks green if no leak and turns to red/green or red if there is a pressure change.

Note: This accessory is Depth Rated to 100 meters / 300 feet

This new, improved Version 4 of the Leak Sentinel features a new, calibrated pressure sensor and processor and also features automatic temperature compensation. Also features a low battery warning, and overnight shut off, and reset functions. The circuit is self calibrating, and as such also suitable for altitude diving.

The complete electronic circuit and the battery are located in the robust anodized aluminum valve body for even more convenient operation and ease of installation.

The green/red LEDs are visible through the transparent acrylic window, so no complicated installation around the viewfinder in non-transparent housings is required. LEDs are always visible during a dive, not only when you are looking through the viewfinder.

The included hand pump is lightweight and requires no batteries, so there are no nasty surprises when you are far away. It achieves required under pressure in average housing with just a few pumps.

The installation is simple and straightforward, and is done by screwing the adapter into a housing’s accessory port using a 3/4 inch wrench. You can check the tightness immediately after installation, making the process risk-free.

Custom adapters for other major housings/bulkheads are available. For more information email us.

Add this unit to any manufacture’s housing with the proper adapter. Adapters are offered for most other housings. Email us for details.

Note: This is a special order item. Allow around 3 weeks for delivery. Order via our online store.

Technical details

Valve body dimensions (without adapter) : 31mm DIA x 25mm
Weight: valve body 45g , pump 140g
Battery: CR 1632, included
Battery life: aproximately 100 hours
Depth rating: 100 m
Package includes:
Anodized aluminum valve body with valve and electronics
Anodized aluminum adapter for the DeepPro housings. Other housing adapters are available.
Hex wrench
Hand pump with 300mm PVC tubing
Installation/user manual (sent by email)

Operation The housing is closed 15-30 minutes before dive, with the camera installed. The black cap is removed, a circuit is switched on. Red LED starts blinking, indicating ambient pressure. The hand pump is fitted to the threaded valve body and the air is pumped out of the housing using just a few strokes. After approx. 10-15 strokes, the red LED stops blinking, and after a couple more strokes, the green LED starts blinking, indicating the sufficient under pressure. Add a few more additional stroke or two to ensure that the circuit is not on the edge of threshold. The pump is then removed and the protective cap replaced to ensure air and water tightness. The LED is then observed. Green LED blinking indicates that there is no air leakage (safe to dive). The LED can also be monitored during the dive and will continue to blink until after the dive, where the protective cap is removed and the pressure is equalized with the simple movement of the rubber valve. Then a switch is pressed to power off the unit. The cap is replaced.