DSC_0264WebMasterLens Clens Cleaning Solutions:
This product is by far the best, most amazing lens cleaning solutions that I’ve ever used. Its not cheap, but a small bottle will last you for many years and cleans optics amazingly.

We offer two types of this great lens cleaner each in a 1-3/4 oz bottle.  Just a few drops on a cleaning wipe is all you will need to remove films, gums, oils, and shark poop from your housing dome or lenses.

Solution # 4
This is specially formulated for cleaning plastics and it the cleaner to use for the GHP3 plastic dome port and rear Lexan housing viewports. It works fantastic.

Solution #1
This is the Superman of lens cleaning solutions. This product is formulated for coated and uncoated glass elements and is excellent for glass dome ports, diopters, and for your camera lenses. Use this on all glass optics. One small bottle of this will last for years. Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. 

Note about Shipping Lens Clens:
Because of the “hazardous” nature of these amazing lens cleaning solutions, we are only able to ship Lens Clens solutions to the contiguous US 48 states via Ground UPS shipping. We will have to ship separately from any other orders and there is a flat $12.50 fee for the shipping. Sorry, no international sales of this product at this time.