Bigblue Video Lights: We are an authorized dealer of the Bigblue line of high quality video lights. Quality built, high power, replaceable batteries, these are great lights. We can offer great savings on a bundled system of lights, arms and a housing. See our Bigblue website section or our online store for more info and pricing. We have videos in our video section showing some of the lights in use.

Lens Clens; Simply put; the best plastic and glass lens cleaning solutions around. This stuff is amazing. Removes even oils and grease from the optics.  Just a few drops are needed, one small bottle will last many years. Solution #1 best for Coated Glass optics, Solution #4 for plastic lenses and ports. Use this on all you high grade optics not just this housing.  See the separate page to learn more.

O-Ring Kit GPH3 Housing: A complete set of replacement o-rings for the do-it-yourself type of person.

Replacement Dome Port GPH3: for the GPH3 housing a replacement lexan dome and the dome o-ring.

Replacement Silica Gel Desiccants:  A four pack of desiccants and the double back foam to mount them.

Replacement Lens Cap:  Vinyl dome port cap for GPH3 Domed Housing

COMING SOON: Internal LiPo Battery Power Pack–  A separate small 1200mAh 3.7v power pack that fits inside the housing adjacent to the camera.  Designed for keeping your camera running about twice as long. Plugs into the GoPro’s USB port and provides a trickle charge to the camera’s internal battery resulting in longer power up time or recording time. Initial tests show approximately double the recording time. Includes a smart charger and battery. 

COMING SOON: Housing Bulkhead Fitting – Cable bulkhead fitting that you can add to the GPH3 housing to make it ready to plug in external cable 1/4inch diameter cable for a HDMI feed cable. 

COMING SOON: Leak Sentinel V3 Leak Check system. More info coming soon. Screw the connector or this unit into the accessory port, attach the Sentinel pump, pump it a few times to draw a vacuum, and watch the LED lights for any leaks. You get peace of mind.