Here are some common Questions and Answers regarding our unique Domed water optically corrected GoPro Housing.  If your answer is not provided here, please email me at

Q.  Will the housing fit the Hero 5?

A.  Sorry, at this time, the domed Gopro Housing will only fit the Hero 3, Hero 3+, and Hero 4.  Any color editions of those models. It will NOT fit the Hero 5, nor the Hero Session. GoPro changed the design of the Hero3 around the lens area. Even with the Hero 5’s rectangular flat port removed, the exposed optics are slightly different than the Hero4/3 models and will not properly “seat” into our housing in its current design.

Q. When will you be introducing a housing to fit the Hero 5?

A. It is still to be determined if we will manufacture a Domed housing to fit the Hero 5. That determination will be made by late 2016.   Factors we have to consider is the changes required to our design, and the market demand. At present, we have no immediate plans to offer a Hero 5 version of our domed housing. The Hero 4 is still a great little camera.

Q. Does your housing support adding Color Correcting Filters?

A.  Yes off the shelf 77mm screw in filters, that can be purchased at any photography re-seller, can be installed in the housing.  We sometimes stock CC30R  (Color Correcting 30 Red) filters for Blue water usage, and CC30M (Magenta) for green water usage.  If you purchase the filter from us we will install  the CC filter at no extra charge.

Q. How easy is it to install, and remove the CC filter?

A. The filter installation is not a casual event. It is not something that you can expect to change while on a dive boat between dives.  Because of the protruding dome we do not offer any type of flat “flip” on or off underwater filter. Because our housing was designed around the “dome” first and foremost the filter can only fit INSIDE the dome chamber and has to  very close to the camera/diopter optics. This location for a filter eliminates any corner cut off of the image and gives the best optics, however requires some tools and mechanical care to install a filter.

Q. What are the steps for Installing a CC filter:

A.  1. using a small Hex key remove the 8 small set screws and remove the LENS SHADE. 2. Using another hex key remove the 8 bolts from the DOME RING. 3. Lift off the dome ring, and remove the DOME PORT exposing the dome chamber. 4. You now have access to the inside to the dome chamber, and can now gently screw in hand tight a 77mm screw in type filter of your choice into the female threaded adapter that is already installed. 5. Clean and lubricate with silicone grease the DOME O-RING and re-seat the o-ring into its groove. 6. Using clean dry scuba tank air, blow off the diopter optics of any dust, and the inside of the dome prior to dome seating the dome. 7. Align and reseat the DOME on the o-ring, taking care to insure that the o-ring has not popped out of the groove. 8.  With the dome held in place, replace the DOME RING, aligh the bolt holes and install and tighten the 8 HEX SCREWS evenly, with medium torque.  Evenly compress the oring as you tighten the bolt pattern in a cross random pattern, slightly compressing the o-ring.  Over tightening the bolts may damage the threads in the housing. 8.  Water test the housing in a tub with no camera installed to insure water integrity. If the o-ring is properly seated, no leak will occur. If the o-ring was improperly seated, the dome chamber will flood in just a few inches of water.

Q. What does the Accessory Port support?

A. The Accessory port is simply a larger, plugged port. Use it as you wish. It has a female 7/16-24 thread and o-ring seal plug installe.  There was plans to manufacture a gland and wiring harness to enable a feed to an external monitor, however market demand was so low for this item that we could not justify the manufacturing costs.  The only accessory that currently is used by the accessory port is the Leak Sentinel vacuum check device . They offer a model with the appropriate thread adapter that fits this port. The Leak Sentinel can be special ordered from us at our online store.

Q. How do I mount my own lights, arms to the housing?

A. On top of each of the two plastic housing tray/handle’s is a female 1/4-20 threaded insert. This allows you to purchase off the shelf adapters from Big-Blue, or Ultralight, or similar hardware vendors. Simply purchase a Big Blue DA-013 or equivalent adapter for each handle, and then add your own arm hardware. Some users have mounted the Light and Motion Quick disconnect adapters as well which can be purchased from a L&M dealer. In addition, there are also two female 1/4-20 threaded holes on the very top of the metal housing that also can be used to mount accessory hardware.

Q. Will the housing work for half in / half out water 50 /50 air/water shots?

A.  Yes and no. The housing optics were designed first and foremost for underwater use and are amazingly sharp underwater. Our housings built in dome/diopter system make it superior for underwater use. However, when used in air, subjects from the dome to just a few feet away will be in focus, Subjects more than about three feet away begin to go soft and fall out of focus the further away from the camera. This is because the housing incorporates a built in close up diopter which is a necessary part of the optical assembly to sharply resolve the dome’s virtual image underwater. See our page on Dome Port optics for a full explanation on this.

Q. Will the housing fit my existing Go Pro “Tray”that I own?

A. It may, but it most likely will not. The housing is supplied with its own simple, tray/handle bar system. This is mounted to the bottom of the housing using two 1/4-20 “T” head bolts.  Some customers have successfully adapted their own favorite trays to fit our housing. Such is the nature of underwater camera rigs; often you have to modify and customize your equipment to suite your needs.