VL5800P Tri Color and VL7500P_800x600BATCELL18650x4 with charger and BATCELL26650x4 with charger_800x600VL 7500P and VL 5800P Tri Color with Arm_800x600VL Glove with VL7500P and VL5800P Tri Color_800x600
This great new addition to the Bigblue Dive Lights photo/video light family offers many features making it a great choice for any diver. The VL7500P is a self-contained, compact yet powerful, all-purpose dive light – but is best suited for video purposes with a 120° beam angle. This light generates 7500 lumens, and offers 4 power settings controlled by a reliable push-button. Also an option in the push-button system is a built-in red LED mode, great for lowering the color temperature and creating a great light for viewing all types of sea life. This light also comes with a yellow filter and ball joint for camera use, and has a reliable Li ion rechargeable battery and charger.
Mike’s comments: This is my “go to” light of choice for GoPro video in bright tropical waters where you need lots of lumens in order to balance the video light to the bright background ambient light. Its slightly narrower coverage than the 15000  allows you to to better control backscatter in dirty water situations.  No warm mode but 6500K works for most and gives lots of light for the right price. You can add the flip down warming filter if desired. A simple and robust wide light, even illumination.
Price:$621.99 but look at our Bundled pricing for discounts if purchased with a housing
Light Source:15 x XML LED + 6 XPE Red LED
Light Output:750 Lm (Level 1), 1875 Lm (Level 2), 3750 Lm (Level 3), 7500 Lm (Level 4)
Casing Material:Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive anodized
Power Source:Li Ion rechargeable battery pack 18650 x 4
Safety Designs:Double o-ring sealed
Angle Of Light Beam:120º Wide Beam
Color Temperature:6500K
Available Colors:Black
Burn Time:2.5 hrs (Level IV), 5 hrs (Level III), 10 hrs (Level II), 25 hrs (Level I)
Maximum Depth:100 M tested
Video Filters:Removeable Yellow Filter
Size:Dia. 55.4 X L. 130.6 mm
Weight:457 g (including battery)
Bouyancy:-173 g (including battery)
Switching System:Push button with battery indicator
Front Glass:Tempered optical glass
Package Weight Lbs:3