Tungsten Lighting Ungraded

Tungsten Lighting Ungraded

Color Graded

Color Graded

New!  Not just a White Balance slate but the best way to insure accurate exposure and color balance for your underwater video or still images.

This innovative slate provides a vital tool for the underwater filmmaker or still photographer that captures images using a flat color profile such as S-Log, RAW, Cinema DNG, ProTune or any other flat and low contrast color profile which requires post production color grading.

Take this Slate on a dive or topside and use it for any of these three tasks:
– To adjust ideal exposure manually (by utilizing your camera’s Histogram or Zeebras)
– To set the camera’s White Balance (requires a camera that you set a manual WB)
– To fine adjust exposure and color balance later in Post Production (requires editing or color grading software featuring a Waveform monitor)

This amazingly simple system is the best way that I have found to adjust the exposure and color balance. This durable and waterproof slate works great both underwater and topside. It feature a dull matte finish and a 16:9 aspect ratio. It is positively buoyant.

How it works: You take this slate with you on a dive and have your model or buddy hold it, or set it on the bottom, or use a loc-line arm to hold it from your housing in the camera’s field of view. You illuminate is using your video lights or using natural light.

There are three uses for this slate:

To Set Proper Exposure: Requires a camera with “Zeebras” or a Histogram function. Simply point the “Three panel side” of the slate to the camera and with your zebra setting configured to 100 IRE you adjust the exposure so that the pure white panel is not over exposed.   Another method is to adjust the exposure manually while viewing your camera’s Histogram.  Set the exposure insuring that the white and black end points fall within the sensor’s range and is not clipped.

To Set Camera’s Manual White Balance: Many video and still cameras (e.g. the GH4, Canon and Sony Camcorders, etc.) have built in Manual White Balance (MWB, WB) functionality. You simply point the “All White” or Gray side of the slate to the camera and press a button to “set” manually the white balance.  The WB will be adjusted properly for the lighting situation. Some cameras lock on WB well underwater, and some dont.  This is good method for most general situations and gets the WB pretty close to optimal, then you can fine tune colors later in post.

Accurately Adjust Colors in Post Production: Use this method in addition to the methods above to fine tune the colors of the video.  This is an critical if your camera is set to record to a flat color profile such as S-Log, Cinema DNG, RAW, ArriRaw, GoPro Protune or any other “flat” color profile.   The “three panel” side will act as a “standard” for the shadows (black), midtones (gray) and highlights (white) in the scene that you dial in during post. While your slate is being illuminated the same as your subject you simply record a few seconds of video of the “Three Panel” side.  Later at Post production using your editing or color grading software that has a Waveform monitor or Color Parade with some skill you can fine adjust the Highlights (white), Midtones (gray) and Shadows (black) for proper exposure and most of all accurate color balance. You can also adjust saturation, sharpness, contrast and even exposure to this standard.   Learning how to make these post production adjustments depends on your software and tools used (weveform monitor, RGB Parade, etc) but there are many online tutorals at youtube.com  that will show you the steps. Simply search Color Balance or White Balance and your software program name.

This slate works for both underwater video, surface video, and still photography.

Made from waterproof plastic, slightly positively buoyant.
Size Medium: 16:9 ratio   9 inches x 4.5 inches
One side is all white : Reverse side Black, Gray and White Panels
17/64 diameter mounting hole

Ungraded GoPro Video - Protune ON

Ungraded GoPro Video

Color Graded GoPro Video

Color Graded GoPro Video